Homepage Access Levels

The American Studies Leipzig homepage currently offers the following access levels to the community:

publicview all public content
friendsabove privileges plus the following:
- view some restricted content
- post comments on blogposts and newsitems
open registration
studentsabove privileges plus the following:
- view student-only content
- contribute to Frank Freidel acquisition planning
in person in the institute sekretariat
alumniprivileges of public and friends groups and access to special alumni resources.through the ASAA


Most of the content at the American Studies Leipzig homepage is accessible to all visitors. However, access to some content is restricted to the user groups listed above. Some material and features are limited to our student body (such as the library interaction features or the upcoming internship exchange (powered by the ASAA).

To register your login as “American Studies Leipzig student body,” you need to enter your real name in your profile (My Account -> Edit -> additional information) and show up in the institute sekretariat with a current “Studienbescheinigung.” For BA students, all Kernfach students, as well as Wahlbereichs students who have completed at least one module, are eligible to student status.