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Stephanie Sommerfeld
Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben (Lecturer for American Studies)
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While studying English, French, and German at Göttingen University to become a teacher, I spent an academic year at UC Santa Barbara. I started teaching North American literature and culture at the English Department in Göttingen once I had completed my First State Exam. In the following years, I worked as a wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin at both Göttingen and Oldenburg University. Following my parental leave, I resumed teaching at Göttingen University in 2016 and am happy to join the ASL team this semester to substitute for my highly esteemed colleague Sebastian Herrmann.


In the classes on US American literature, culture, and media which I am teaching, my focus is on encouraging critical thinking and making some of the webs of significance that US American culture is made of visible. Fostering media literacy and raising awareness of how cultural and aesthetic practices are embedded in systems of power are two of my main goals. Motivating students to reflect on the discourses and theoretical frameworks that shape their thinking has been another aim of my classes and the undergraduate and graduate conferences that I (co)organized. In my teaching, I have focused on topics such as antebellum culture, the African American Gothic, conceptions of nature and the wilderness, object agency, commodification and gender, the sentimental novel, trauma, cyborgs, transmediality, seriality, and detective fiction. While I keep returning to antebellum literature, I also enjoy working on early national, post/modernist and contemporary media and culture.


Some of my main research interests include the functions and politics of sublimity in US American literature, the cultural work of Edgar Allan Poe’s fiction, the intersections of race and gender, literary self-reflexivity, remediation, and posthumanism.

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