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Nancy Kress
Picador Guest Professor for Literature
Room 3 5.14 | Phone: (0341) 973 7333
Office Hours: Thu 12-2pm


Nancy Kress is the author of numerous science fiction and fantasy novels, several short story collections and three books about writing. She has won the Nebula Award four times, as well as the Hugo Award, the John W. Campbell Memorial Award (twice) and the Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award. Her work has been translated into 15 languages. Her most recent novel Dogs (Tachyon Press, Juli 2008) fictionalizes the dangers of terrorism and biological weapons.

CNN lauded her style as “devilishly inventive,” and added that “her characters are more than cardboard cut-outs, and they wrestle with important issues - medical and ethical - every step of the way.” Tom Easton remarked that “Kress ratchets the tension up and up in a grand display of writerly talent. If you like suspense, you’re gonna love this one!” Please also refer to her homepage, as well as her interview with Writer Unboxed for more information.

Nancy Kress will stay in Leipzig from October 2008 to January 2009 to teach two courses at Leipzig’s American Studies Institute, to contribute to the city’s cultural life, and to work on her next projects.

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