The Institute for American Studies serves students in a variety of academic programs: Majors and Minors in the context of German Magisterstudiengänge, Bachelor- and Master-Programs based on the common European framework created by the Bologna-Process, and programs for students studying to become teachers.

On these pages, you find comprehensive information that should help you in your decision to enter an academic program at the Institute and, once you have become a member of the American Studies community, in organizing your program of study.

As a prospective student, you might be most interested in learning about our Degree Programs.

For those already enrolled in the program, you can find in this sections the necessary information about courses that you can take, and the necessary information about upcoming exams.


Welcome to American Studies Leipzig! We want to thank you for taking the time to visit our web site, and encourage you to take a few minutes to explore the web site in more detail. It is meant to inform you about what makes the Leipzig Model for American Studies unique, exciting, and hopefully, a very good choice for your personal and professional interests and goals.

BA and MA Degrees in American Studies

As of 2006, the Institute for American Studies offers two fully accredited degree programs based on the common European framework created by the ‘Bologna-Process.’


The BA American Studies introduces students to US-American culture, literature, society and politics, and to the varied academic skills needed to critically engage the many dimensions of the United States and its roles in the world. Find more information on the BA program here.


The MA American Studies substantially broadens and deepens students’ understanding of the complexities of US-American culture, literature, society and politics, and actively develops their academic skills, their research capabilities, and their professional profile in a global context. Find more information on the MA program here.


More Information

Below you will find in bundled form the different types of information that may be of interest to you: From the philosophical about what we seek to pursue at American Studies Leipzig, to the pointed about the concrete reasons as to why American Studies Leipzig can be such a great choice for your studies, to the practical about applying to the program and living a comfortable and fun life in Leipzig.

And please let us know if you think there are other types of information that we should include in this section of the web site! We will do everything we can to implement your ideas for improvements.

For application details to the BA and MA Program, please see the section on Applying and Admissions. Make sure to also check our FAQ pages for the BA Application Process and the MA Application Process.

If you have further questions not answered on these pages, please feel free to contact our Advising Team with your questions. We will be very happy to respond to them.