The Institute for American Studies serves students in a variety of academic programs: Majors and Minors in the context of German Magisterstudiengänge, Bachelor- and Master-Programs based on the common European framework created by the Bologna-Process, and programs for students studying to become teachers.

On these pages, you find comprehensive information that should help you in your decision to enter an academic program at the Institute and, once you have become a member of the American Studies community, in organizing your program of study.

As a prospective student, you might be most interested in learning about our Degree Programs.

For those already enrolled in the program, you can find in this sections the necessary information about courses that you can take, and the necessary information about upcoming exams.


Admissions Process for BA (Fall 2022) | Admissions Process for MA (Fall 2022)

Admissions Process for BA (Fall 2022)

Admission to the BA in American Studies is restricted by a local “numerus clausus” (“ncu”), which is based on the grade point average of your school leaving certificate.

Applications by domestic applicants – i.e., applicants with a German Abitur – are handled by the university’s Studentensekretariat.

Applications by international applicants are handled by the university’s International Office.

Please consult their webpages for details on the admission process, including the deadlines for your application. Additionally, please also take a look at frequently asked questions about the BA admissions process.

Admissions Process for MA (Fall 2022)

Admission to the MA in American Studies consists of a straightforward three-step process.

  • In a first step, you hand in an application packet.
  • Candidates who clear the first screening are then requested to write an essay on an assigned topic and are invited to an application interview.
  • The essay will be due in late May, and the interviews will be scheduled for late June - applicants receive their individual due dates and appointments by e-mail.

Application packets for admission into the entering class 2022/23 are due by May 2, 2022. All information on application procedures, as well as downloadable materials, can be found at our MA application page.

Contacting Us With Your Questions on the American Studies MA

If you have any questions about the MA application process, please consult our page on frequently asked questions.

Also, feel free to contact us with non-FAQ questions via email at