MA Program in American Studies

Short Introduction to the New MA in American Studies at Leipzig

The MA in American Studies at Leipzig provides advanced knowledge and skills that enable program participants to either pursue a further academic career or to step immediately into the international employment market, whether private, public, non-profit, non-governmental, governmental, or a wide variety of media and cultural opportunities.

For a brief overview (in table format) of the MA Program, please click here.

The Modules for American Studies all share certain common characteristics: They are interdisciplinary, integrated, and allow wide room for pursuing individual interests. The titles of the modules make this clear, as does the nature of the expertise integrated into the modules. We work with colleagues in Politics, Comparative Literature, Cultural Studies, Sociology, Religious Studies, Latin American Studies, European Studies, and Journalism, to offer modules exploring compelling components of American life in an international context.

The titles of the Modules for the MA include:

  • Difference and Literature
  • Immigration, Ethnicity, and Citizenship
  • Political Cultures in a Transatlantic Context
  • Rethinking the Americas
  • Consumption, Culture, and Identity
  • Culture and Religion in a Comparative Context
  • The Transatlantic Space, and
  • Media and Society in a Transatlantic Context


We also offer two highly innovative Professional Skills Modules (Schlüsselqualifikationsmodule) that enable students to develop advanced abilities in integrating academic training with applied knowledge via project creation and implementation.

The first PSM is iCAN or individual-international-integrated Career and Academic Knowledge and Networking. In this Module students prepare a professional career portfolio and begin the planning work for an International Humanities Symposium that is carried out during the second PSM, iDEWEY. This latter “capstone” Professional Skills Module permits students to finish their studies with an international project where they can polish and profile their abilities to combine advanced knowledge with a multitude of pragmatic skills (thus the name of the module and the importance of Dewey Pragmatism for our BA and MA Programs) to present a dynamic and highly interesting intercultural event with America and its international context as the centerpiece.

Rounding off the program, and formally embedded into the possibilities to earn credits, are the opportunities to Study Abroad, and to pursue a Professional Internship.

A substantial Masters Thesis provides the penultimate example of a students advanced academic and analytical skills, or of a student’s capacity to engage society’s diverse and complex issues in a substantial and clear manner.

To apply to our MA program, please visit our MA Application page.