Course Catalog Winter Semester 2022/23

Below please find our course catalog. We will update these pages throughout the break and the semester. Unless stated otherwise, classes start in the week of October 10, 2022.
Students are responsible for keeping track of updates on actual course dates (some are alternating). 


A Professional Skills Module
“Creative Writing: Imagining America” (04-001-1019)
(5 Credits)

Overall module responsibility: Annika Schadewaldt
Module organization & coordination​: Annika Schadewaldt

Writing the Short Story

Wednesday, 3 - 5 pm, GWZ 2 5.16
Prof. Emily Nemens (Picador Guest Professor)

There is no “right” way to write a story, but in this participatory introductory writing course, we’ll break down and examine the individual elements of story writing to understand the component parts—including character, plot, setting, and style—to see how stories are constructed. Through in-class exercises and discussion of notable contemporary and historic stories, we’ll discuss elements of short fiction, then try our hand at our own stories. Over the course of the term, students will have the opportunity to share works in progress, give each other feedback, and revise their stories.

This course starts in the week of November 7. To make up for the late start, there will be a few double sessions. More information will be provided in the first session.