Course Catalog Summer Semester 2022

Below please find our course catalog. We will update these pages throughout the break and the semester. Unless stated otherwise, classes start in the week of April 4, 2022.
Students are responsible for keeping track of updates on actual course dates (some are alternating). 


BA Professional Skills Module “Creative Writing: Envisioning America” 
(04-001-1020 | 5 Credits)

Beginning Fiction Workshop

Tuesday, 11 am - 1 pm, GWZ 3 5.15
Hilary Leichter (Picador Guest Professor)

This class is about troubleshooting and blueprinting, diagramming and detailing, construction and demolition. Through a close examination of character, voice, plot, perspective, place, and language, we will talk about how to edit our work, and how to get started. What makes fiction operate? What allows it to run smoothly? Why does a story make us feel a certain way, and what mechanism carries the emotion from the page to the reader? How can we better use these tools in our own writing practice? And most importantly—how do you remember the joy and surprise inherent in creation, while you’re facing down the blank page? Each week, we will discuss short stories from contemporary writers, focusing on a different aspect of narrative in every conversation. You will turn in at least one short story during the term to be discussed carefully and generously by your peers in the workshop space. This story can be edited and submitted as your final assignment.

Please note that this class will only start in the week of May 16. Due to this, there will be double sessions for some weeks.

Please see our news items on Hilary Leichter as well as more information on this module.