Courses Summer 2021

Below please find our course catalog. We will update these pages throughout the break and the semester. Unless stated otherwise, classes start in the week of April 12, 2021.
Students are responsible for keeping track of updates on actual course dates (some are alternating). Please note that all instruction will take place in online formats.


BA Professional Skills Module “Creative Writing: Envisioning America” 
(04-001-1020 | 5 Credits)

Creative Writing, On The Spot

Thursday, 5 - 7 pm
Sheila Heti (Picador Guest Professor)

We will spend much of our in-class time writing. Each session will involve practicing different writing exercises and techniques, with students then sharing their work with each other. Not everyone has to share every time, but students who think they will never want to share should consider not taking this class. We will practice skills that are related to writing well, such as asking questions of other people, how to make decisions in longer-term creative projects, how to incorporate interruptions into one’s creative process, and more. There may be some writing assignments to complete between sessions. For those who enjoy writing, exploring and experimenting, it will be a fun class.

Please note that the first session of this class will take place in the week of April 19.

Please also see our news item for more information on this module.