Dr. Uta Kremer


I have lived and worked in several parts of Germany, Great Britain, and the US. Coming from a humanities background, my interest in business has risen over the years. So I have come to combine both parts in teaching and coaching international and intercultural business. I hold a Ph.D in intercultural business communication between Germans and Americans.


While I have been teaching international management classes at HHL and HTW Dresden, I teach workshops in professional development at ASL. Main focus here are soft skills such as international presentations, negotiations, and team work – in theory and in practice. This requires the reflection of our own ways, and to recognize their cultural determination.


My research focus is on international cooperation. What are the challenges – what do solutions look like. While hard facts play an important role in it, it is often the soft skills that finally determine the degree of success or failure. Even more so with the rise of the BRIC states and beyond which requires approaches to cooperation Western states tend to have little experience with. Another research field of mine is women in leadership positions.

Selected Publications & Papers

  • “Teaching International Management.” In: SIETAR Europa Journal, Dec. 2012.
  • “Intercultural Challenges in German-American Communication.” In: Intercultural Management Quarterly 13/2, Washington, Aug. 2012.