Movie Screening: "Dear White People"

Tue, 12/04/2018 - 18:00 to 21:00

Join the American Space Leipzig for a screening of the provocative satire ‘Dear White People’ that draws attention to issues of the race climate in America focusing on a range of themes including equality, gender, class, and sexuality.

‘Dear White People’ follows the stories of four African American students at an elite Ivy League college, which is predominantly white, as they navigate campus life and racial politics, in a sharp and funny way. The movie utilizes biting irony, self-depreciation, and brutal honesty about the issues plaguing our modern society, all the while leading with laughter.

New York Times reviewer described ‘Dear White People’ as “a clever campus comedy that juggles a handful of hot potatoes — race, sex, privilege, power — with elegant agility… You want to see this movie, and you will want to talk about it afterward, even if the conversation feels a little awkward. If it does not, you are doing it wrong. There is great enjoyment to be found here, and very little comfort.” 

The event is free for all to attend. 
American Space Leipzig provides pizza, snacks & drinks.

See you there!

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