Internship Support

The work world has internationalized itself so thoroughly that internships are no longer seen by employers as giving you an advantage; they are simply expected as part of a complete preparation for the working world. That is why American Studies Leipzig strongly encourages students to pursue an internship, and thus has created a Professional Development Module (SQM) for Internships for both the BA and MA.

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Internship Support

On top of the BA and MA internship modules that allow students to earn credit for working on their professional skills, American Studies Leipzig is offering an extraordinary amount of support for students seeking internships.

Areas of Internship Support


Especially if you are planning to do your internship abroad, you might be confronted with additional costs for housing, transportation, visa application fees or simple higher costs of living. If you are planning your internship with sufficient time in advance, you have the chance to apply for a number of different scholarships. These differ in terms of target groups, financial support and application deadlines. Have a look at the links below, go to the internship workshop or talk to your internship coordinator about funding opportunities.



The PROMOS scholarship is designed for BA and MA students who would like to undertake an internship abroad for a time period between six weeks and six months. Funded are internships worldwide, although regions cooperating with ERASMUS, covering countries of the European Union and a few other countries in Europe, will usually be excluded. An exception can be made if the applicant already received ERASMUS funding. The amount of the part-cost grant and the traveling allowance depend on the region where the internship will be completed.

PROMOS Auslandspraktikum is a helpful research tool if you are searching for financial support during your studies. You will need to register in order for the site to find you grant offers, however the service provides is free of charge.


Stipendienlotse is a quite sophisticated scholarship search engine. It serves BA and MA students as well as PhD students. For those of you who want to find a scholarship for your internship, studying abroad or any other occasion, this page is probably an excellent starting point.


The Erasmus-Praktikum program is open for all students who want to study in another European country. There is no application deadline and chances are relatively high that students actually receive the scholarship. For information specifically concerning students from Leipzig please also see the attached pdf. => erasmus


The Carlo-Schmid-Programm supports students who want to do an internship in an international organization. Students can either directly apply for an internship offered by the program or find an internship on their own and apply for funding. Please check the website for details on deadlines and application procedures. => csp


If you are planning an internship outside Germany you might want to try to apply for Auslands-BAFöG. The minimum duration is usually 12 weeks. Please check the website for more information. Do so as early as you can, since the application process can take some time. =>ausland


The DAAD does not only offer a number of scholarships (for travel and living expenses, language courses etc.) itself, it is also a good starting point to look for scholarship in general. There is, for example, a regularly updated scholar database which will help you to find a scholarship that suits your specific academic situation. => stipendiendatenbank


ASA Programm 

The ASA-Programm offers paid and unpaid internship programs to students who want to do an internship in a developing or a recently developed country. The ASA does not only give financial support but accompanies participants throughout the program. For application deadlines and application procedures check the ASA website.”


Inwent is an organization which cooperates with the German government and German businesses. Its goal is to provide internship programs to students who want to do an internship abroad. On their website you can find a number of internship and scholarships for each of the world’s regions.


The Robert-Bosch-Stiftung is a wellknown scholarship institution. Although it mainly offers scholarship for postgraduates there are several scholarships for students as well. The Bosch-Stiftung is particularly committed to the enhancement of international understanding and its scholarships are quite prestigious.



For those who were not able to find a scholarship and really need financial support there is always the option of applying for a Bildungskredit. Those are credits provided by the German government. Interests and repayment conditions are usually fairly generous. => Bildungskredit


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