Internship Support

The work world has internationalized itself so thoroughly that internships are no longer seen by employers as giving you an advantage; they are simply expected as part of a complete preparation for the working world. That is why American Studies Leipzig strongly encourages students to pursue an internship, and thus has created a Professional Development Module (SQM) for Internships for both the BA and MA.

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Internship Support

On top of the BA and MA internship modules that allow students to earn credit for working on their professional skills, American Studies Leipzig is offering an extraordinary amount of support for students seeking internships.

Areas of Internship Support


If you are planning to do an internship as part of your studies, you should begin with your preparations as soon as possible. You should ask yourself: Where do I want to do my internship? What language skills do I need? What kind of internship am I looking for? Can I apply for funding? How can I earn credits for my internship? For more information, please check the respective guidelines for either the BA or MA.

It is sometimes not easy to find the right internship. To get you started, American Studies Leipzig regularly posts worldwide internship offers on our website. We have also compiled a list of different internship databases that are available online and where you might find the right internship for you. We have compiled a bibliography of interesting internship books and articles which might serve as a good starting point and a valuable source of help when planning an internship. Besides looking at the databases, ASL recommends you to directly contact companies or institutions of your interest and simply ask for internship opportunities.

On this site, you find information about the ASL Intership Workshop, the Career Service, language preparation for interships abroad, and visa preparation.

In order to help you with your preparation the ASL offers a workshop each semester. For your first steps you may also have a look at the checklist and/or see the internship coordinator.

Internship Workshop

In the internship workshop, students learn why internships are of special importance, where to find them, what scholarships exist, how they can get credits for their internships and how to prepare for them (language skills, visa, insurance etc.). Check the ASL website and ASL bulletin board for workshop dates.

Career Service

The Career Center of the University of Leipzig offers, among other services, a broad variety of internship related assistance. Run by a dedicated staff, the Career Center has its own internship office, publishes up-to-date internship offers and offers workshops on internships, working abroad, and interview and application strategies. =>career service

Language Preparation

Modern employers almost take it for granted that their employees speak at least English fluently. However, it increases your employment opportunities if can speak an additional language. Internships are an excellent opportunity to enhance your language skills. For your language preparation you should have a look at the links below.

  • Sprachenzentrum
    The language center at Leipzig University is probably the best place to learn an additional language. The center offers a decent variety of languages at a reasonable price. The courses range from beginner to advanced classes.

  • Volkshochschule Leipzig
    In cases the schedule of Sprachenzentrum does not work out for you, you can have a look the course schedule of the Volkshochschule Leipzig. Like at the Sprachenzentrum, the courses offered there have a manageable price.

  • Tandembüro
    Every semester there many international students coming to Leipzig to study and to improve their German. The Tandem initiative will give you the chance to get to know these people, their culture, and work on your conversation skills at the same time. =>tandem

  • DAAD Scholarships
    Once you have reached a certain level you can apply for a language course scholarship at the DAAD. The DAAD covers a considerable part of the costs you have if you enroll in a language course (other than English) at a university outside Germany. The deadline is the 15. Jan. for language courses during the summer break. => sommersprachkursstipendien

Visa Preparation

If you are planning to do an internship outside the European Union, you should check the visa requirements of country in question. Those requirements can vary a great deal from country to country and it usually takes some time before you get your visa. Please look into the visa application process several months before your internship starts.

Students who want to do an internship in the US can either try to find a big company that helps them with the visa application or get a visa with the help of a sponsorship organization. You can find information on the sponsorship organization websites (below you see a small selection of them) or in the visa information material.


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