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 2015 Study Tour to the South and Midwest 

"Religion in the United States"

The 2015 study tour is a cooperative project between the American Studies Institutes of the University of Leipzig and the Jagellionian University of Krakow. The tour takes us to the heartland of the United States and focuses on areas and cities that mirror central beliefs and values in American society.

We want to understand how religious traditions have persisted despite momentous social, economic, and demographic change, and what impact they continue to have on millions of Americans. Europeans often perceive American society as inscrutable, even contradictory. On the one hand they admire it as a model of technological advance and innovation, on the other they are puzzled by its claims to be “a city on the hill”, and a nation of believers that is in significant ways different from secular societies.

To prepare ourselves for this study tour, students in Leipzig and Krakow participated in a graduate seminar on “Religion in American Society.” After the tour we will prepare photo exhibits and produce a documentary film to be shown both at the Jagellionian University and the University of Leipzig.

From September 15 to October 2 we will visit the following cities:

Atlanta, Birmingham, Nashville, Montgomery (Indiana), and Chicago.

Read more about our Study Tour in our blog.

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