Civic Engagement


American Studies Leipzig receives regular requests for our scholars and staff to participate in continuing education programs for many different sectors of society, including teachers, journalists, members of the business community, officers and soldiers, and government officials. We see it as one of our key responsibilities to participate in these crucial education programs. Such civic engagement is a central way for American Studies to be an active citizen in the broader community.


Examples of such civic engagement include American Studies Leipzig's participation in teacher training workshops for high school teachers from throughout Mitteldeutschland (Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony-Anhalt), centering on themes such as Globalization and American Society.

In addition, American Studies Leipzig regularly organizes “Picador at School” events at which the current Picador Professor visits local schools to discuss creative writing with high school students. The workshops take place both at the university and at schools, and they center around the themes of democracy, diversity, and creativity, which are also at the heart of the Picador Professorship.

A fuller list of recent activities is included below.