The concept of community is central to the Leipzig Model for American Studies. By community we mean openness, communication, and interaction with absolutely as little hierarchy and formal barriers as possible. Community is meant to encourage a vital learning culture and empower the pursuit of individual goals.

Three types of community are especially important for American Studies Leipzig. The first form is of course within the American Studies program itself. We want students not to see themselves as passive participants in a degree program but as active members in a learning community. This liberal arts education culture is further enhanced by another type of community, namely the Institute for American Studies’ active cooperation with many different programs throughout the University of Leipzig. This permits students of American Studies to enjoy the full benefits and riches of a large and diverse university.

Last but certainly not least, American Studies Leipzig strives to be a constructive citizen that is active with the broader community. This means that we cooperate with teachers, journalists, community leaders, business people, and government officials to help encourage a fuller and more active public dialogue about the complexity of American life, and about both the importance and controversies surrounding the impact of American influence in the region, nationally, and world-wide.