Inga Poetzl

Inga Pötzl, Program Assistant, Fulbright Commission

Magister Degree, 2006

“Considering the fact that in 8th grade I was determined to leave school after 10th grade to ‘get a real job’, a master’s degree in two subjects commonly categorized as ‘brotlose Kunst’ is the more astonishing. I started out with Cultural Studies in Frankfurt (Oder) in 1999 and found myself registering for classes dealing with American history and politics. Pretty soon I grew dissatisfied with the limited offer in these areas and decided to pursue my interests at another university. I switched to Leipzig and chose American Studies as my second major. My professors in Leipzig encouraged me and very patiently put up with all kinds of questions. To make a long story short, I received my master’s degree in August 2006 and left Leipzig soon afterwards for a museum internship in Berlin. By accident, I came across a small company offering educational programs for teachers in Germany and the U.S. and thanks to my studies and my experience abroad was offered a job as coordinator of the U.S. programs. Ms. Renker from the Consulate General in Leipzig brought me in contact with the chief of the American Program Unit at the Fulbright Commission. He informed me about an opening in his unit, I applied (a letter of recommendation and a good word from Crister Garrett helped a great deal!) and here I am today, working as program assistant for the Fulbright Commission, one of the institutions when it comes to intercultural exchange between Germany and the United States!”