Professional Paths

Our Alumni contribute essentially to the visibility of American Studies Leipzig beyond the University. They have careers in a wide range of fields and areas - from local cultural institutions, to public relations work in national and international organizations and firms. While some of them work successfully outside academia, others continue their academic careers at universities throughout Europe or the US. Their diverse occupations reflect the interdisciplinary approach of the American Studies program in Leipzig, and their communication and analytical skills testify to the quality and adaptability of our graduates to various professional areas.

Below you can find out what some American Studies Alumni from Leipzig are doing today and how their studies have influenced their careers. This page will be updated regularly and more alumni/alumna will be added.


Nadezda Fleckenstein (née Panchenko, MA 2013) – currently works in a state institution in the field of international affairs

“After finishing my American Studies MA in 2013, I started working in the area of international academic exchange. I still benefit from the boost to my English and teamwork skills I gained at ASL. I also liked it how the MA-Program had a goal-oriented and well-organized curriculum, but still maintained a dynamic and creative atmosphere, almost like a start-up. All the hands-on-experience we were able to gather during the practical modules such as iCAN was invaluable. I also greatly appreciated the incredible level of commitment the ASL staff showed towards their areas of research and how inspiring it was to participate in their seminar discussions and to work on seminar papers.”


Linda Esch (BA 2013, MA 2016) - works in higher education public relations for the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz

After finishing both my BA and MA at American Studies Leipzig, I now work for the Hochschulrektorenkonferenz. At ASL, I especially enjoyed the community feel, how attentive instructors are, and the small class size. Working in higher education public relations, I benefit daily from the critical reading skills and work habits I developed during my time at ASL.


Christiane Vogel (BA 2010, MA 2013) – Research assistant and PhD candidate at the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine (MLU Halle-Wittenberg)

“As strange as this may sound, without studying American Studies at Leipzig I wouldn’t be working in the field of medical humanities today. My instructors always encouraged me to follow up on my research interests and invited me to explore my own strengths in academia. This was a huge advantage. American Studies laid the foundation for my academic life, and working for aspeers was a great experience which I wouldn’t want to miss! Besides these, I acquired a variety of soft and hard skills during my time here, learned to approach topics interdisciplinarily, and made some lifelong friends along the way.”


Miriam Wilke (BA 2013, MA 2017) - Manager of Student Affairs at the Leipzig Graduate School of Management

What particularly stands out to me from my years at ASL is the experience of studying in an intercultural environment and the skills I acquired from this. Looking back, I can say that I have never once regretted studying at ASL, and this is mostly due to the tight-knit community of instructors and students and of course the knowledge and skills I gained during the years. Graduating was definitely bittersweet!


Katharina-Luise Kittler (BA 2014, MA 2016) – Head of Communications and Government Relations at The American Chamber of Commerce in Germany (AmCham Germany)

“Studying at American Studies Leipzig, and especially taking classes with Prof. Garrett, has prepared me for the kind of policy work I do at AmCham Germany now, where we focus on transatlantic trade relations and support our members in fostering the transatlantic economic partnership. Studying at ASL allowed me to gain a deep understanding of American culture, which helps me a lot when working with US companies. It has also taught me to approach topics by applying different theories, to communicate internationally and interculturally, and to think outside the box. What I liked most was to take all the different classes ASL offers in the fields of literature, history, politics, media and linguistics, which nevertheless complemented each other and came together very well to prepare me for my working life.”


Christin Halfpap (BA 2010) - specialist at a Big Four accounting firm

What I loved most about ASL? Learning so much about so many different subjects: history, literature, linguistics, and so on. I cherished the community, the sense of being in this together among the students and instructors, and the various opportunities ranging from internships to study abroad. Studying American studies at Leipzig, I have learned to identify my strengths and weaknesses, to keep it short and simple, and to interact with international clients.


Sina Meißgeier (MA 2016) – PhD Candidate enrolled in the international PhD Program Transcultural German Studies (Leipzig & Arizona)

Sina Meißgeier finished her MA in German Studies at Leipzig University in September of 2016. She then continued on the academic path and became a PhD candidate in the Transcultural German Studies Program which is a collaboration between Leipzig University and the University of Arizona in Tucson. Her dissertation focuses on women’s literature from the KZ Ravensbrück. During her studies, Sina completed an Erasmus semester at King’s College in Cambridge and held a scholarship from the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. In the past years, she has also done freelance work for MDR Sachsen in Dresden and Leipzig and MDR Kultur in Halle (Saale) as well as for the student radio station Mephisto 97.6.


Lysann Schubert (BA 2014) - Executive Assistant

I loved my classes during my BA - it was never boring but rather super interesting! Studying American studies at Leipzig helped me figure out what I want in life and what I am good at. It has taught me to push myself to the next level, and it has helped me understand what I want as a career and what it takes to get there. I truly loved my (American) studies, and if I could I would study it again and again!


Anne-Kristin Steichele – Marketing Manager at Ernst & Young (E&Y)

Anne-Kristin Steichele graduated from Leipzig University with a Master’s degree in American studies in 2003. Her Master thesis focused on the work of alumni associations in Germany and the US. She started working as the marketing communicator at Rödl & Partner, an international accounting firm. Since 2006 Anne-Kristin has been working as marketing manager at Ernst & Young, one of the four highest-selling accounting firms in the world. One of her projects there includes the organization and implementation of the E&Y Award “Entrepreneur of the Year”, awarded each year to the most successful German business. Additionally, Anne-Kristin is Ernst & Young’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) coordinator for Bavaria and has volunteered in several different organizations to promote social responsibility.


Marco Garling (BA 2009) - Key Account Manager National for Nestle and other international companies

Although I went on to get an MA in general management, my BA in American Studies at Leipzig provided me with the necessary soft skills and language skills that help me excel in my current job. The small group setting, family-like atmosphere, and the focus on project learning, some of it even international, makes ASL special.


Julia Mueller (BA 2012) - PhD candidate while working in HR

American Studies at Leipzig gave me a really good understanding of how different cultures work together and of how everyone is different in their upbringing, their religion—in everything really. For my work in HR it is so important to treat everyone as an individual and provide support that is designed for the specific person. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Next to this, ASL taught me how to do proper research, a skill set I am still using today for my PhD. And it doesn’t hurt that Leipzig is a great city!


Franziska Hentsch (BA 2010) - journalist for MDR and other venues

When I think of ASL, I think of a familial atmosphere, working interdisciplinarily, and practical preparation for a changing job market. Not only did I leave the institute with a better understanding of American and transatlantic history and a more global perspective, but I also learned how to tackle difficult texts, how to engage problems from an interdisciplinary perspective that brings together different approaches, and how to engage new opportunities with an open mind.