Getting Involved

Employers of all stripes - private sector, public sector, non-profits, education, cultural institutions - are all looking for a certain type of “package” in a person they seek to hire: someone with good academic training, a solid base of knowledge, developed professional skills, and individual initiative as expressed in engagement with some sort of “extracurricular” activity, or community service. The last attribute reveals for employers the ability of an individual to “give” as well as to “take”, and such a person tends to work much better in teams, especially international teams.

In short, by getting involved, by pursuing your individual interests, you develop your abilities as a citizen to give to the community, and by doing so, enhance your career (a sensible integration of idealism and pragmatism!). That is why we urge students early in their university experience to get involved with the community, so as to enrich their education, and to empower chances for future employment.

In Leipzig and the region, there are a long list of opportunities to get involved with the community. A short sampling can be found below.

If you are interested in a more focused German-American angle, a list of groups working to improve transatlantic dialogue can be found at the US Embassy website.

The City of Leipzig maintains a list of the many multicultural groups active in Leipzig. A great way to place American Studies in a more global context. That list, along with contact information for all the groups, can be found here.

Further possibilities for civic engagement can be found at the following web pages: