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The years spent at university are like any other chapter in one’s life: unique, but integrated into a larger biography. Alumni associations help students and graduates maintain the unique experiences of university and their personal meaning. In doing so, alumni associations allow their members not only to help maintain important personal networks but also to build important professional networks that can provide tips, contacts, advice, and a highly valuable forum for exchanging ideas and career experiences.

Keep in touch with American Studies by joining the
American Studies Leipzig Alumni Association e.V. (ASLAA)

The American Studies Leipzig Alumni Association e.V. (ASLAA) was founded in 2017 and is the official alumni association for BA and MA graduates of American Studies Leipzig. We establish a lasting connection between enrolled students, alumni/alumnae, and the institute and thus offer a way to always stay in contact with American Studies Leipzig. Each year, we organize a graduation ceremony to honor the students’ successful completion of the American Studies BA or MA program. We also welcome new students at the student orientation BBQ in October and offer a variety of events throughout the semester. For example, we organize workshops where we assist students in refining and strengthening their skills and talents, or professional roundtables where we invite former ASL graduates to talk about their various career paths. With our work we mainly aim at creating a network of current as well as former American Studies students and at supporting graduates in building their future by promoting the exchange of ideas and goals related to a degree in American Studies.  

The association is always in search of new members. We look forward to both members joining us to enrich and broaden our network and to those ready to take action to help us organize our events. We look forward to meeting you!



With our Professional Roundtables we offer the perfect opportunity for students currently enrolled in the American Studies Leipzig programs to connect and network with alumni. More specifically, these events offer a chance to explore the variety of career paths open to graduates of American studies. Students can get in touch with these alumni and benefit from their professional experience and their career choices. 

In the past, the ASLAA has held roundtables that revolved around topics such as pursuing a PhD, working in the field of research management as well as project management. The Roundtables always start with our guests talking about their current or past jobs and how they chose and pursued them. Towards the end we initiate discussion, let the audience ask specific questions and of course, there is always time for socializing and networking with everyone attending!










For more information on our roundtable guests, please refer to the Professional Paths page, where you can read more about the career choices of several alumni and how American Studies Leipzig prepared and equipped them. The professional roundtable events are free of charge, open to the public and held in English.

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