Citizenship & Career

American Studies Leipzig believes in a fusion of “The Humboldtian Ideal” of ‘Bildung’ with “Dewey Pragmatism,” which stresses the importance of being able to apply knowledge in the world. Together, these ideals build a unique liberal arts education program.

This mission is embedded in the Professional Skills Modules (SQMs — Schlüsselqualifikationsmodule in German) of our programs. In the BA program’s first year, iTASK helps students to develop a vision for their academic and professional future and to think about how to pursue it. In the MA program, iCAN and iDEWEY offer skills needed to excel both professionally and academically.

More importantly, our community is organized around the idea to encourage students to think early and often about Getting Involved in both campus and community affairs, to forge networks, improve skills, and gain many different experiences that build self-confidence. A study abroad experience can be another important element in this, as can be learning more about the professional paths that former students of American Studies Leipzig have taken.

It is this blend of academic and professional development and community involvement, on campus and beyond, that shapes our vision: As we see it, a university education is not simply about pursuing knowledge for knowledge’s sake; but it also is not simply about getting a good job. The university experience is about empowering you to gain personal confidence, and abilities, so that you can pursue your dreams, and by doing so, enrich your community with your efforts. Following that path, a career for you will develop naturally.

That is why we call this section Citizenship and Career: By becoming a confident member of your community, however you care to define that community, you will be a citizen contributing in many different ways, including by pursuing a successful career.