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Picador Guest Professor Catherine Chung Reads on June 11

American Studies Leipzig requests the pleasure of your company at a public reading by Picador Guest Professor Catherine Chung on 11 June, 8pm, at the Cafe Cantona, Leipzig.


BA Lehramt English LC 1: Final Exam Results

To see the final exam grades for the BA Lehramts Module LC1, please check the attached pdf-file. The grades are organized by matrikel numbers. Please note that all grades are pending approval by the Prüfungsamt.  


American Cultural Events as Part of the Leipzig Book Fair

Different events organized by the U.S. Consulate and others will focus on American letters and culture during the Leipzig Book Fair. There will be a stand at the book fair hosted by the Consulate, for example, and prominent authors taking part in this year's rendition of Krautgarden. For details, please check the flyers below.


BA 2006 Project Modules

As part of their BA education, students of the class of 2006 have completed two different projects: A wiki-homepage on American Studies Leipzig and a conference on job opportunities for students of American studies.


About their project, the students write:


Pretty Amazing

We got our conference room windows cleaned today. And the climbers frist drilling the holes and applying hooks, then doing the actual cleaning, were a pretty amazing sight :)

Amazing Climbers
Amazing Climbers
Amazing Climbers
Amazing Climbers
Amazing Climbers
Images tagged climbers

Gluehwein and Greetings Galore on the Offline Message Board

After the election and the Obama wipeout, the Offline Message Board is slowly recovering, filling up with greetings from all over, an announcement promising more information soon, and more boasting  in the notorious class wars ;)


American Studies Leipzig Election Wrapup

The evening after the 2008 presidential election, about 50-60 American Studies Leipzig students gathered for a two-hour discussion with Prof. Paul Rundquist. Rundquist talked about how political interventions such as the 1971 busing decision by the Supreme Court might have helped reduce racism, about the electoral map as it emerged after the election, the question of voter turn-out, and the role Obama's social networking platform and databases might play in the upcoming presidency.


Offline Message Board Changes after the Election

Before the election:

after the election on Wednesday, it notes an Obama Wipeout:


Students Party for Election, MDR reports

For more on the election, see the American Studies Leipzig Election Blog

On Nov. 4th, American Studies Leipzig students celebrated a warm-up party for the upcoming presidential election. They met over beer, pizza, and snacks to get ready for a long night of watching TV and following the results as they came in.

Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Pre-Election Party
Images tagged preelection

For more pictures, please see the institute's picasa page.


:) Class Wars, a Party Announcement(, and some election notes)

Next to the secretariat on the fifth floor, American Studies Leipzig's unique Offline Message Board is enjoying increasing attention. Most recently, a party announcement for 30th October has popped up, squeezed in on the left hand side of the board. Also, traces of a class war waging within the institute? ;) Another hot topic, of course, are the upcoming presidential election...

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