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ASL's Claudia Müller Interviewed on the Cultural Dimension of Fatness / Fat Poor

American Studies Leipzig doctoral student Claudia Müller was interviewed about the cultural dimension of fatness in the Kreuzer magazine. In the interview, Müller speaks about the cultural studies perspective on fatness, on differences between fat discourses in Germany and the US, and about the stereotype of the Fat Poor.


Deadline to Cancel Exam Registration: July 8

Dear Students,

Latest Issue of COPAS Features Work by ASL Doctoral Students

The latest issue of the journal Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies (COPAS) features work by three ASL doctoral students: Claudia Müller, Eleonora Ravizza, and Stefan Schubert.

University Library with New Features

Please note these exciting news from the university library (attached PDF below).

ASL's Sebastian Herrmann Defends His Doctoral Thesis Summa Cum Laude

Sebastian M. Herrmann, assistant lecturer at American Studies Leipzig, successfully defended his doctoral thesis on November 12, 2012. The doctoral commission rated his disputatio summa cum laude (with highest distinction), and his written dissertation was likewise rated summa cum laude by his doctoral supervisors, ASL's Prof. Dr. Anne Koenen and former ASL faculty Prof. Dr. Katja Kanzler (now at TU Dresden).


ASL Doctoral Students Present Their Work at the PGF in Marburg

Claudia Müller, Eleonora Ravizza, and Stefan Schubert presented their current research at the 2012 Postgraduate Forum of the DGfA/GAAS. Ravizza and Schubert both are alumni of the American Studies Leipzig MA Program, former editors of aspeers and now doctoral students at ASL, Müller is an alumna of the American Studies Magister Program and is now jointly supervised in her doctoral work at Dresden and Leipzig.

Attention BA Students: Check your module enrollment!

Dear BA Students,

today, we advise you to once more check your sign-up status for American Studies modules in the university's TOOL system. Please double-check the following items:


Video Game Course

Please note the extracurricular Game Course being offered this semester by an ASL student. Guerric Haché will organize a series of workshops organized around the cultural functions and meanings of video games. For more information, please come to the group's next meeting:


ASL Publishes Book on "Participating Audiences, Imagined Public Spheres"

American Studies Leipzig faculty, in cooperation with former ASL faculty Prof. Dr. Katja Kanzler (Dresden) has published an edited volume on "the cultural work of contemporary American(ized) narratives." The book, now in print at the Leipziger Universitätsverlag, is part of an ongoing research collaboration between American Studies in Leipzig and Dresden.


FSR Elections Coming Up

Dear students,

the Fachschaftsrat has asked us to relay the following message to you:

Euer Fachschaftsrat Anglistik/Amerikanistik wird neu gewählt. Unser Wahlstand befindet sich im Zeitraum vom 6. - 8.12. von 10 bis 17 Uhr im Foyer des Hörsaalgebäudes. Am 5.12. 20 Uhr wird im Café Puschkin ein Wahlstammtisch stattfinden, damit ihr die Kandidaten kennenlernen könnt.

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