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UPDATED: Guest Lecture: Simon Koschut of the DGAP Speaks on the Upcoming Elections


In a room packed with over 30 students, Simon Koschut of the DGAP spoke on the future of German-American relations in face of the upcoming election. Among others, Koschut discussed the areas of the global financial system, the trade system, foreign policy, and climate change as areas in which different dynamics are going to unfold.

The lecture was followed by a half-hour long discussion of various aspects of the current presidential election.


Final Call: aspeers still accepts submissions for the 2 (2009) issue on migration and mobility

The Leipzig-based graduate journal aspeers still accepts submissions of student work (both academic and artistic) on the topic of "Migration and Mobility." The journal is a unique project launched as part of the MA program in 2007. It publishes outstanding work by MA/Magister students in American Studies programs across Europe.


Scheine Chuck Klosterman

Seminar Scheins for Chuck Klosterman's two classes may be picked up in the secretariat as of now.


Student Orientation 2008

During the annual student orientation, the American Studies Leipzig community has welcomed the entering BA and MA classes of 2008. The welcoming events were complemented by orientation sessions for the BA '06 and BA '07 classes, as well as the Magister cohort in the program.


The Biden/Palin Debate. A Few Quick Thoughts.

First of all, I'm relatively relieved that the debate does not seem to have turned out a game changer (the NYT, e.g., asserts that it was not a tipping point). My biggest fear had been that, somehow, the expectations game would work and Palin, going into the debate on her disastrous interviews, would be celebrated as surprisingly strong.


Who's In, Who's Out?

As the taz reports, approximately 60% of German university students come from what they call "Akademikerfamilien," i.e. families in which at least one parent has an academic degree. They compare that number to 2004's 57% and 1993's 49%.


Graduate Journal aspeers Calls for Submissions for its 2 (2009) Issue

The Leipzig-based graduate journal aspeers calls for submissions by graduate students (MA- or equivalent levels) of European American Studies and related fields by October 31 (November 14 for creative submissions).

The 2 (2009) issue of aspeers will be organized around concepts of migration and mobility.


McCain-Obama, amusing ourselves to death?

So, according to the New York Times Caucus Blog, John McCain proposed to Barack Obama to "join him in 10 joint town-hall-style meetings in which the likely Republican and Democratic nominees could discuss the issues this summer." The NYT goes on to report that McCain claims to have gotten the idea from an agreement between "President Kennedy and Senator Barry Goldwater to fly around the country together to debate the issues."

According to an update on the blog,


Hussein Obama

Leo directed my attention to the attached video clip forwarded to him by a (indo-muslim) friend in the USA. The clip (originally posted at www.livesteez.com?) shows pro-Hillary democrats trying to argue why they would rather vote for McCain than support Obama.

While Leo highlighted the discursive contortions people go through to thinly veil their racism, I was struck by a couple of other aspects.

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