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SHP Grades, Papers, and Classes in the Summer Term [Updated Thu. 24. Apr.]

While we are all still processing the news of Prof. Garrett's passing, we want to make sure that the ASL community stays informed as much as possible. Please find some basic information below. We will update this news item in the coming days and weeks, so please do check back.



Beginning Narrative Liminalities: First Workshop Meeting

Americanists from all over Germany convened in Leipzig on April 20 and 21 to inaugurate a Research Network on "Narrative Liminality." Funded by the German Research Foundation, the network serves to explore the boundaries and interrelationships between the symbolic forms of narrative, play, data, ritual, spectacle, and others. It is meant to test and advance the assumption that these forms are best understood as gradable rather than as binary, and that important cultural and symbolic work is done in the spaces where these forms meet, intersect, or overlap.


ASL Launches new DFG-funded Research Network on "Narrative Liminality"

American Studies Leipzig is launching a new DFG-funded Research Network. The research initiative aims to explore the symbolic operations that take place in the liminal area between narrative and other symbolic forms (such as data/bases, play, ritual, etc). It thus seeks to complement American studies' interest in narrative, surging since the narrative turn, by an interest in other symbolic forms.


LC-I Repeat Takehome Essay

The repeat task for the LC-I takehome exam will be available as of 12 April (via email) and will be due on the 26th. If you have failed the overall module and have a failing grade for the takehome essay, please get in touch with your seminar instructor to review your previous attempt and to receive a copy of the repeat task.


Sebastian Herrmann's Office Hours Cancelled on Nov. 28

My office hours on 28 November will have to be canceled. Please contact me via email if you have urgent matters to discuss.


Literature and Culture I Starting Dates

Please note that the seminars and tutorials of the module 04-001-1001 "Literature and Culture I" will start in the second week of classes (the week of the 17th). The lecture begins in the first week of classes (on the 11th).


Prof. Junker's Seminars and Lectures

Prof. Junker's seminars and lectures are canceled for this week (May 2-6).


Teaching America Seminars in the Lehramt Module 2401

Due to illness, Anne Grob's "Teaching America" seminars will have to be modified:


Secretariat Closed

The ASL secretariat is closed 16-18 Nov. due to vacation.


Secretariat Closed Until End of August

Unfortunately, the secretariat will remain closed until Aug. 30.

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