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 Caterina Rost's blog 


British Studies Conference: Roundabout Leipzig on May 22, 2009

The British Studies Institute invites you to attend the conference "Roundabout Leipzig" focusing on Leipzig in the English speaking culture. The conference takes place on May 22nd, 2009 and the program starts at 9 AM in the lecture hall of the university library "Albertina." The conference was organized on the occasion of the University's 600th anniversary. For more details, please check out the attached flyer. 


ASAA Brownbag Lunch on April 30

„American Studies, what next?“

The American Studies Alumni Association invites you to attend the first in a series of ASAA Brownbag Luncheons to discuss and explore career opportunities with alumni who have been in your shoes. Alumni stop by for a lunchbreak at their Alma Mater to talk about how they launched their career after graduating from American Studies Leipzig.


2009 Leipzig-Fulbright Lecture Series

American Studies, Leipzig. 24 April 2009.


Literature and Culture 1 Repeat Exam (updated)

The repeat exam for the LC1 lecture will take place on 7 April 2009, 10 a.m., in the Seminarbuilding S R 015.


SHP II: Final Exam Grades

To see the final exam grades for SHP II, please check the attached pdf-file. The grades are organized by matrikel numbers.


U.S. Presidential Inauguration Multimedia Roundtable

Update: Please see our report page for more information.

American Studies Leipzig is pleased to announce

The ASL 2009 U.S. Presidential Inauguration Multimedia Roundtable 


Pictures Published on the Huffington Post

Some of my pictures got published on the Huffington's Post campaign blog "Off the Bus." To see them, click here.


Senatorial Races to Watch: Dole vs. Hagan (North Carolina)

In North Carolina, the senatorial race has recently turned very ugly. Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole is fighting it out with Democratic candidate Kay Hagan. According the latest polls, Kay Hagan is leading Elizabeth Dole by an average of 3.2 percent. Consequently, incumbent Dole got anxious. Her fear of loosing her senate seat to the Democratic challenger Hagan culminated in an ad that has been widely criticized in the media (see below, both CNN clips include the Dole ad).


Get Out the Vote in Virginia Beach

In einigen Minuten mach ich mich auf den Weg von Virginia Beach. Übers Wochenende werde ich für das Obama Camp in Süd Virginia unterwegs sein. Was ich da genau mache, weiss ich noch nicht. Heute Abend gibt's einen Workshop in dem uns erklärt wird, was wir machen sollen.

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