Summer Semester 2021 COVID-19 Updates

[ Most recently updated on March 10, 2021 ]

We will use this news item to keep you updated on the impact of SARS-CoV-2/COVID on instruction and other curricular aspects in the 2021 summer semester. In navigating the pandemic, American Studies Leipzig (ASL) will strive to strike a balance between accommodating the additional difficulties introduced by public health measures on the one hand and offering as much structure and guidance as possible on the other. This news item serves as the authoritative source on all curricular questions introduced by the pandemic.

Courses and Instruction

  • All instruction at ASL in the summer term will be done remotely. Please see our separate news item for more details. As in previous ‘digital semesters,’ you will be contacted by your instructors via email (through your studserv addresses) after the enrollment via TOOL has concluded and will receive information on how to participate in your classes.
  • Module registration will take place as usual, via TOOL. See our separate news item for more information.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, classes will begin in the week of April 12. See the course catalog for exceptions.

Access to the University Buildings & Office Hours

  • As of now, the Geisteswissenschaftliches Zentrum (GWZ) remains closed to students and visitors.
  • Generally, office hours will take place remotely. For details, please check the individual instructor’s info box on the faculty page.
  • The university library is currently open for a few services (including for getting books) but not for use as a work space.

For information on the 2020/21 winter semester, please see our old news item.