Second-Year BA Modules Offered in the Summer Semester

Dear Students,

We wanted to update you on the 2nd-year BA modules we will be offering in the upcoming summer term. As we are working to consolidate the program and its teaching load, starting with this semester, we will not be offering the module The Anglo-American World in a Global Context anymore but will instead increase the thematic variety in other modules. This means that students will have to choose 2 (or more) out of these 4 modules in the course of their studies:

  • Society, History, and Politics II (winter)
  • Ethnicity and Diversity (winter)
  • Language and Society — Applied Linguistics (winter)
  • Literature and Culture II (summer)

There will be an extra seminar track offered in Literature and Culture II this semester in order to provide you with more thematic choices and to meet the potentially higher demand.

Additionally, if you will be in the fourth semester in the summer, please also note that you can already attend the following modules if you have completed their prerequisites:

  • Ethnicity and Diversity II (requires completion of Ethnicity and Diversity)
  • Society, History, and Politics III (requires completion of Society, History, and Politics II)
  • Literature and Culture III (requires completion of Literature and Culture II—in case you already took LC-II in your second semester, you could then take LC-III in the fourth)

As you know, you have to attend one out of these three modules in the course of your studies, but you can also take more to meet your overall quota of American studies modules.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to get in touch with your study advisors.