Picador Seminars by Justin Torres

Picador Professor Justin Torres will teach two seminars in the summer term of 2016:


The View from the Margins: Outsider Fiction

Mondays, 3-5 pm, GWZ 3.515

The idea of a 'literary center' is a persistent one in American fiction. We will look at texts that position themselves outside that center. Some of the work we will consider addresses marginalization thematically, focussing on issues of social exclusion—racial, sexual, economic—but we will also consider fiction that is 'outside' stylistically, fiction which experiments with structure, plot, and language. Very often the work will be innovative in both form and content. From writers like James Baldwin, Dorothy Allison, and John Rechy, to Donald Barhtleme, Grace Paley, and Jamaica Kincaid, we will study those writers who seek to expand, or explode, the very notion of the American literary center.

The first session takes place on April 11.

This seminar is part of the BA module “Literature and Culture III.”


Fiction Writing Workshop

Tuesdays, 1-3 pm, GWZ 3.515

Each meeting students will turn in stories to be read and discussed by the class. The goal of these discussions is to identify important themes in the story as well as memorable moments. How and why was a certain image or turn of phrase successful? The hope is that we describe to the author the work they have created thus far, and that we encourage and support them in deepening the story and building on its strengths.

The first session takes place on April 12.

All students are welcome, but the number of spots is limited. Please sign up via e-mail to americanstudies@uni-leipzig.de by March 30, 2016. In your e-mail, please indicate your name, your student ID number, as well as the program in which you're currently studying. You will receive an e-mail from us informing you whether you secured a spot in the workshop after March 30.