New Issue of aspeers: "Narratives of American Colonization and Imperialism"

aspeers, the first and currently only peer-reviewed print journal for MA-level scholars of American studies in Europe, has just published its latest issue. Now in its fourteenth year, aspeers is edited as part of ASL’s MA program and aims to showcase the excellent scholarship done in American studies already on the graduate level.

This year’s issue focuses on the topic of “Narratives of American Colonization and Imperialism.” It features graduate contributions by Andrew Wildermuth on “ ‘A Thing Apart’: Sonnet Poetics and Radical Politics in Claude McKay’s Harlem Shadows; Vincent Veerbeek on “To (L)Earn Their Place in Society: Student Scrip and a Capitalist Education at Sherman Institute”; and Emma Charlotte Weiher on “’Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?’: Founders Chic and Narrative Awareness in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton; as well as an art contribution by Sabīne Sietiņa, “Personal Space Issues.”

As in previous years, MA students in their first semester of American studies reviewed, selected, edited, and finally published the issue throughout the past winter semester, but for the first time in an entirely digital setting. This year’s issue was put together by Vanessa Arnold, Pia Benthin, Ella Ernst, Peter Hintz, Leonie Hirschmann, Solina Jean-Louis, Solveig Kloss, Josette Marsh, Christoph Friedrich Nostitz, Laura Michelle Pröger, George Rainov, Nino Taubmann, and Danson Wolfe. In addition to writing an introduction about the topic of the issue and its contributions, the graduate editors also reflected on this experience in a brief “Message from the Editors.”

The issue is now available online (open access) and in print.