Deadline to Cancel Exam Registration: July 8

Dear Students,

Please be aware that you are responsible for cancelling your registration for exams in any modules which you originally signed up for but which you decided not to attend in the end. The deadline for cancelling your exam registration (Prüfungsabmeldung) is July 8, 2013. To cancel your registration, write an e-mail to Ms. Seidel at the Exams Office (Prüfungsamt) at with your name, student ID, and the name of the module whose registration you want to cancel.

As long as you are registered for a module, this constitutes a Prüfungsanmeldung, and hence, if you do not attend a module you are registered for, you will receive a FAIL grade (5.0) for this module. It is thus critical that you properly cancel your registration of modules to officially withdraw from the exams (the module will then count as “not taken”).