Deadline for Applications to the MA in American Studies Extended to May 25

Due to the circumstances caused by COVID-19, we will extend the deadline for the entrance exam of the MA in American Studies to May 25, 2020.

We also want to take this opportunity to reach out to students currently thinking (or perhaps being unsure) about pursuing a follow-up degree to let you know that, while some aspects of the coming winter term might still be in the balance, it is clear that the semester will take place and that we will enroll a new cohort of MA students.

If the university’s current regulations should make it difficult for you to acquire your BA certificate in time, we also want to emphasize that for the entrance exam, you only need to provide evidence that you will finish your BA exams before starting the MA (e.g. through your transcript). For the university application process, a document certifying that you have completed all your exams and are only waiting for your grades or the certificate also suffices (see Studentensekretariat/International Center). For the deadline of the application process at the university, please consult the websites of the Studentensekretariat and the International Center.

Even though the current circumstances might cause uncertainty, it is nevertheless important to think about your future as well, so if you’re in the final semester of your BA degree, please consider whether a follow-up MA in American Studies might be a suitable next step for you. All the information on the MA application is available via our application page and the FAQ. If you have further questions about the entrance exam, please feel free to reach out to us at; and if you have questions about the MA more generally, please contact your study advisers.