ASL Celebrates 25 Picador Professors with an Anniversary Reading


On April 15, ASL celebrated 25 semesters of Picador Professors with a special anniversary reading featuring the current, 26th Picador Professor, Josh Weil, and the Korean-American poet Don Mee Choi. Taking place at the university's Alte Senatssaal—where the professorship was inaugurated in January of 2007—the reading and discussion focused on the civic potentials of literature in a transatlantic context. The event was opened with greetings by the President of Leipzig University, Prof. Beate Schücking, and by the managing director of the Veranstaltungsforum Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, Andreas Wilkes.


ASL's Prof. Katja Kanzler and Prof. Gabriele Pisarz-Ramirez guided the audience through the event, which featured readings of select poems by Don Mee Choi and a short story by Josh Weil as well as a subsequent discussion among the two artists, Prof. Kanzler and Prof. Pisarz-Ramirez, and the audience about the potentials of literature, the politics of language and translation, and questions of medium and genre, among others. The event was followed by a reception outside the Alte Senatssaal that allowed the guests to continue the conversation about literature and related topics.


More information on current Picador Professor Josh Weil is also available via his faculty page. For some impressions from the reading, please see the below pictures (© Andreas Lamm).


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