Frank Usbeck Completes His Research and Lecture Tour with a Talk at the University of Nebraska

In the wake of a workshop at the annual convention of the American Studies Association on 6-9 November 2014, organized with current and former American Studies Leipzig students and faculty (Katja Kanzler, Alice Hofmann, and Sebastian M. Herrmann), Frank Usbeck has spent six weeks in the western US, presenting his work-in-progress on US soldiers' blogs (“milblogs”), conducting research, and promoting his forthcoming book Fellow Tribesmen. He has given eight lectures to general audiences, scholars and in undergraduate classrooms. His last presentation was held at University of Nebraska, Omaha, hosted by former ASL Fulbright professor Charles Johanningsmeier, on 3 December 2014. Usbeck spent the last few days in St. Louis to research The Mission Continues, a major American veterans organization. Read more about the various presentations, events, and impressions in his blog at