Prof. Stephen Klineberg talked at ASL about the "Changing Face of Houston"

On June 14, 2012, Prof. Stephen Klineberg from Rice University gave a Fulbright Lecture at American Studies Leipzig. In his talk, Prof. Klineberg gave insight into his research with the Houston Area Survey at the Kinder Institute for Urban Research. The annual Houston surveys were initiated by Prof. Klineberg 31 years ago and since then have been a tool to monitor how the city changed on many levels during this period of time. For example, Prof. Klineberg elaborated on how Houston has seen significant changes in demographic patterns and has developed into one of the most ethnically divers cities in the United States. The surveys also include topics such as the local economy, immigration, personal beliefs, discrimination, and education. You can find out more about the Houston Area Surveys and their key findings on the website of the Kinder Institute.

While in Leipzig, Prof. Klineberg also gave an additional talk for the members of the Houston Leipzig Sister City Association where he also presented the movie Interesting Times: Tracking Houston’s Transformations Through 30 Years of Surveys, which visually explores the findings of the surveys.

You can also find a Taking Five-Interview with Prof. Klineberg on the ASL youtube channel.


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