Deutschlandfunk Interviews ASL About Obama's Growing Scandals

German Public Radio (Deutschlandfunk) interviewed ASL live yesterday during its Noon News Report about the growing scandals impacting the Obama administration. Reporter Sandra Schulz spoke with Crister Garrett about the breaking AP-investigation, the IRS examination of Tea Party documents, and the controversy swirling around what the White House really knew and when about the attacks on the American embassy in Libya last year.

Schulz was especially interested to hear if the Obama administration has broken federal law by investigating AP sources for a story about the CIA in Yemen last year. From everything being reported so far, Garrett replied, it looks like Attorney General Eric Holder followed requirements for such an investigation. That being said, the United States should really use the moment to start a new debate about if it wants such measures to be legally possible.

Some commentators have been comparing Obama’s troubles to the Watergate scandal of the early 1970s, reporter Schulz pointed out, and wondered if one can make such a comparison. Garrett repsonded that Watergate was really something completely different, with clear evidence back then that President Nixon had authorized illegal acts, ultimately costing him his presidency. There is nothing remotely similar so far in the case of Obama. But of course Republicans in Washington D.C. want to put as much pressure on the President to deal with growing controversies since that means he has all the less time to push forward his initiatives for the country.

You can hear and read the full interview here: