ASL with Top Grades in Wissenschaftsrat Research Rating

American Studies Leipzig rated among the top research institutes for American Studies in Germany in the recently conducted rating by the German Wissenschaftsrat (WR). Sixty German research institutions participated in the study and were rated in the categories “Research Quality,” “Reputation,” “Research Infrastructure,” and “Knowledge Transfer.” ASL was rated “excellent” (sehr gut) in three of the categories and “outstanding” (hervorragend) in “Research Infrastructure”, thus positioning itself as the best American Studies institute in eastern Germany outside of Berlin.

This is the second time in a row where ASL has been rated among the best institutions in the country in a national evaluation process. The last results came with the CHE assessment that included student feedback about existing programs. The WR rating focused exclusively on the scholarly assessment of a program.

You can find the overall WR assessment and the detailed results on the Wissenschaftsrat’s website.