ASL Summer Lecture Series started with Talk by Prof. Paul Rundquist

On April 18, 2013, the ASL summer lecture series started with a talk by Prof. Paul Rundquist on Obama’s second first 100 days in office. Titled “Obama 2.0: The Famous First One Hundred Days—What Is Really Changing?”, Prof. Rundquist’s presentation focused on three main issues: budget, guns, and immigration. First of all, however, Prof. Rundquist made clear that in his opinion too much emphasis has been laid on the first 100 days of the presidency: „Things have changed since FDR,“ he said, pointing out how the time frame of an early phase of the presidency has changed.

Prof. Rundquist furthermore criticized the Obama administration’s lack of management skills, particularly concerning continuity when it comes to the White House senior staff and cabinet members.

The main part of Prof. Rundquist’s presentation then dealt with three points he sees as key issues to Obama’s presidency: budget, guns, and immigration. For example, Prof. Rundquist pointed out how an improving economy could increase the problems in the US financial household, what difficulties have to be faced concerning the gun reform law, and how the changing demographic of the Hispanic population is likely to affect US politics in the future.

Despite much Obama critique, Prof. Rundquist ended on a somewhat positive note. Although he admitted to be „part of that disappointed group which expected more,“ Prof. Rundquist also reminded the audience of the „surprising second terms“ of US Presidents Truman and Eisenhower, who both enabled major steps for the Civil Rights Movement during their second time in office. „Obama needs to focus on things he does not need a change in law for,“ Prof. Rundquist said.

You can find a Taking Five video with Prof. Rundquist on the ASL youtube channel.