ASL Doctoral Student Anne Grob Presents at Two International Conferences in April and May

ASL PhD student Anne Grob recently presented her work at two international conferences held in Munich and Helsinki.

From April 25-28, 2013, the conference “New Perspectives on Transpacific Connections – The Americas and the South Pacific” organized by LMU Munich’s Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology attracted researchers from Australia, Chile, Mexico, Fiji Islands, Canada, Germany and the US, to discuss a new angle of linkages and connections between the Americas and the South Pacific. Ms. Grob’s presentation titled “’Our aspirations are linked to and expressed by other indigenous people throughout the world’ – Indigenous Higher Education and Transcultural Interactions in North America and New Zealand” focused on the transpacific connections between these two cultural spaces in the field of education, and exemplified by two specific institutions offered crucial information on education institutions’ roles in cultural and linguistic preservation and revitalizing processes beyond specific group borders.

Three weeks later, the Department of World Cultures at the University of Helsinki hosted the 34th American Indian Workshop (AIW) under the conference theme “Art of Indians – Indians of Art”. Hosted each year by a different European academic institution, the AIW was founded in 1980, and is among the most important meetings in Native American and First Nations Studies, attracting researchers from a great variety of disciplines within European countries as well as from the US and Canada. On Thursday, May 16, Anne Grob, who presented at the AIW for the 4th time, gave a talk entitled “The Art of Keeping Cultural Traditions Alive – A Cross Cultural Look at Culture and Art in Native American and Māori Higher Education” in which she demonstrated how art is perceived as an intrinsic part of higher education institutions’ daily work and how various art forms are integrated into the indigenous education process in both countries.

The 35th American Indian Workshop in 2014 will take place at the University of Leiden in collaboration with the National Museum of Ethnology from May 21-25. For further information visit the American Indian Workshop website or register for the AIW facebook group.