Post-Election Roundtable - Please Join Us!


The Day After: Analyzing the Election Results

A Roundtable with Professor Paul Rundquist

Wednesday, 5 November, 19:00-21:00

Dresdner Bank (am Dittrichring), Room 13

Ladies and gentlemen, the votes are in (well enough hopefully to declare a winner).

Who won, and how? Which states played a critical role, how did different sectors of American society vote, how big was the victory and what could it mean for the next president? These issues and many others will all be entertained in a roundtable for students to help understand where America stands, the day after.

Join Professor Paul Rundquist, an expert on American politics with some thirty years experience in the Congressional Research Service and a faculty member of the Institute for American Studies, for a fun and lively discussion!

For the poster for the event, please click the following link: