Instructions for Catherine Sharpe's classes LCI, M&T, SHP II, Proj. Module, and iCAN

Dear students!

Please read the follwing information if you attend one of the following classes.

LCI Mondays 9.15:

Outlines are in Anglistik Ausgabefächer box with Catherine’s name on it (3rd floor; right next to the teachers’ mail boxes), to be picked up any time GWZ doors are open. Essays (first drafts) written from these outlines due in next class.

LCI Thursdays 11.15:

Due to illness, Catherine’s marks on outlines are not yet possible. These can only be returned in the next class. Essays (first drafts) written from these outlines are nonetheless DUE in next class. The unavoidable inconvenience will be considered when essays will be reviewed.

Methods & Theories Tutorial Mondays 11.15:

Please bring first draft of next paper (a piece written in preparation for your final research paper) and any other written pieces ready for review to the next class.

SHP II Wednesdays 11.15:

A complete schedule of the weeks to come in the course will be posted either on Lehrbox or in individual emails by sometime Monday night (Dec. 22). This will include a detailed list of who is doing presentations on which documents and exactly when. Stay posted.

BA Project Module Thursdays 9.15:

Please bring rough outlines for entire research paper and a typed, double spaced short (or, for the ambitious, long) essay that is on one aspect of final research paper to the next class.

iCAN Wednesdays 9.15 and iTASK Thursdays 1.30:

You will simply pick up where you left off in your next class.

NOTE: Should any student need particularly urgent attention to a paper or any other matter, please contact me by email with a clear SUBJECT.

Thank you to all students for your understanding.