Prof. Crister Garrett Interviewed about the Trump Presidency by the Tagesschau

On January 31, Prof. Crister S. Garrett, was interview by Kirsten Gerhard from the Tagesschau.

Prof. Garrett spoke about the developments in the United States after the first 11 days of a Donald Trump presidency. In the interview, Prof. Garrett touched upon President Trump’s issuing of executive orders as making good on his campaign promises, which appeals to President Trump’s political clientele yet sows unrest in the rest of the US. Furthermore, Prof. Garrett believes that the political resistance in the Republican party is to be expected, especially in light of President Trump’s firing of at the time acting Attorney General. It is unclear now, what will remain of the Republican party and in which direction it will go.

Prof. Garrett states that in light of the public protests against the “Muslim ban” a citizen’s resistance movement against the President is growing. In fact, grass roots movements are, according to Prof. Garrett, a part of the American narrative. Former President Barack Obama has also experienced this with the Tea Party Movement. President Trump needs to live and learn to work with this. 

Seeing as President Trump is in the “first 100 days” of his Presidency, Prof. Garrett believes that we should expect new developments, be it executive orders or changes in policy, almost every day, as President Trump needs to show that he will ‘deliver’ to his political clientele and his voters. We shouldn’t expect a change in the speed and manner of President Trump’s actions, that is his style.

You can watch the interview at here.