Prof. Crister Garrett fact checking ARD's Hart aber Fair

On January 31, Prof. Crister S. Garrett, was asked to fact check statements made by guests of the ARD talk show hart aber fair.

Hart aber fair is a talk show where moderator Frank Plasberg discusses current topics of public interest with guests from politics, economics and the society. Together with SWP’s Laura von Daniels, expert on transatlantic trade relations, Prof. Garrett fact checked the recent hart aber fair episode.

According to Prof. Garrett, it is difficult to make a prognosis on the future of the economic situation of Trump’s voters from the lower middle class. Through deregulation and lower taxes, many small business owners await a higher demand, more flexibility in working conditions and hence, more jobs available. Under Trump, there will be a higher tendency to look negatively on outsourcing of jobs and to look more positively on keeping production in the US. Prof. Garrett would not be surprised if we see more global companies establishing new factories or expanding existing ones, like BMW is doing in South Carolina. This would help Trump’s lower middle class voters. However, it will become clear to Trump’s administration that the economy is increasingly intertwined with the outside world. Finally, the economic future of Trump’s voters depends more from advancements in technology in the so called Industry 4.0 than from politics.

You can check out the fact checking here and watch the episode of hart aber fair here.