Leipzig University Library Awarded Title "Library of the Year 2017"

The Leipzig University Library has been awarded the title of “Library of the Year 2017.” The award, awarded by the Germany Library Union (dbv) and the German Telekom Foundation, includes 20,000 Euros in prize money. “Our University Library honestly earned this award through hard work,” stated Leipzig University Rektor  Beate Schücking.

Directors of the University Library, Prof. Dr. Johannes Schneider and Charlotte Bauer, stressed the importance of the library's open-source technology infrastructure that spearheads the development of digital services for the information age. Leipzig University Library is at the forefront of the endeavor for deep interconnectedness and cooperation with libraries in Germany and around the world. The library promotes innovation, “so that libraries can embrace their social function as knowledge carriers and spaces of encounter and exchange,” said Prof. Dr. Schneider.

American Studies at Leipzig has embraced that mission for many years. The Freidel Memorial Library Collection that is housed in the University Library, is an open-stacks, interdisciplinary collection, and unique at Leipzig. It brings together scholarship from diverse disciplines that address the wide array of themes dealing with American Studies. It represents the largest collection for American Studies in eastern Germany outside of Berlin.

Recently American Studies has been able to add a wide range of digital resources thanks to the American Space Leipzig initiative. The American Space funding allows Leipzig University moreover to collect works of scholarly interest that are less focused monographs and engage a broad range of themes from sports to food to music that are at the center of American popular culture and influences worldwide. American Space allows Leipzig University to also build a collection of DVD's that explore American history, politics, society, and culture. 

As Professor Crister S. Garrett, current director of the Institute for American Studies, underscores, “American Studies at Leipzig has worked for years with the leadership of the University Library to encourage a library experience for students, scholars, and the broader community that indeed involves a library as a knowledge carrier and space of encounter and exchange.”

For more information on the Frank Freidel Memorial Library, please visit here.

For more information on the American Space West-Wing collection, please visit The American Space Leipzig homepage here.