ASL's Crister Garrett Interviewed by tagesschau on Trump's Exit from Paris Climate Agreement

ASL's Professor Crister S. Garrett was interviewed by the tagesschau's Ina Böttcher about President Trump's exit from the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement.

In his interview, Professor Garrett addressed the controversy of Trump's decision that essentially goes against 70% of the US' population, as well as an overwhelming majority of American businesses that wish to remain a part of the Paris Climate Agreement.

In addition, Professor Garrett addressed President Trump's intention of renegotiating the Paris Climate Agreement for the United States, however, Mr. Garrett states that this is not possible. The Agreement itself was designed to be non-binding and allowed each member nation to set emission-reduction goals for themselves, however ambitious they may be, without being penalized if they failed to meet these goals.

Finally, Professor Garrett speaks about the role of the individual states of the US, especially the 6th largest economy of the world, the Republic of California. Home to some of the strictest environmental and emissions laws. Individual states can take leading roles in growing the green energy sector and curtailing emissions.

You can watch the interview in its entirety at the link below: