Volunteer and Meet American Students!

If you are interested in cultural exchange and meeting American students, please consider volunteering for the MentorInnenprogramm of the Freiwilligenagentur Leipzig. The program is designed to welcome and support a group of students from Abilene Christian University (Texas) that will live, study, and volunteer in Leipzig from January until May, 2015.

I participated in the programs of 2012 and 2013, and really enjoyed getting to know each year's cohort. How much time you want to invest is up to you, but being a mentor usually involves meeting in a bar once a week to help the students learn some basic German (which really improves your English conversation skills!), and accompanying a group of two to three students to a Verein in Leipzig (for example UT Connewitz, Ökolöwe, Ronald McDonald House) to do volunteer work, also once a week. Beyond that, group activities might include bowling, canoeing, visiting the zoo, or cooking dinner. I quickly made some friends each year, and we also met outside the group setting.

The Freiwilligenagentur is also still looking for an intern as lead mentor, so if you want to put some more effort into this program, please check the internship offer.

For further details, please follow the links or see the attached document. If you have any more questions regarding this program, feel free to ask me, or contact info@fwal.de.

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