Picador Professor Linh Dinh Presented His Work

On Tuesday, November 10, 2015, Picador Guest Professor Linh Dinh gave a reading at the Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst (GfZK). About fifty people attended the event, which was moderated by BR radio host Diane Hielscher.

In an introductory interview, Hielscher asked Linh about his experiences as an activist blogger, about his view on the contemporary United States, and about the inspiration for his work. Dinh then showed photographs he took in different locations throughout the US for his project Postcards from the End of America, in which he aims to document the poverty and despair that he takes as evidence for the decline of US society. Besides complementing his photographs with anecdotes, Linh read two of his essays on Wolfpoint, Montana, and New Orleans.

After the presentation, the audience engaged in a lively discussion on the ethics and aesthetics of Dinh's photography that, to some, attests to an often-observed tension between social journalism and voyeurism.

In this video, you can get some impressions of the event as well as of the audience's opinions. It also includes a short interview with Linh Dinh.

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