Now In: Detailed Results of the CHE Survey

After American Studies Leipzig was ranked as one of Germany's top three American Studies programs in the recent CHE evaluation (see this news item), the survey's detailed results are now in. Among the American Studies and English Studies programs that participated (and that had the CHE do a survey on student opinions), ASL is ranked best in most of the categories. The average grade given to the program by our students puts it at 1.6, with considerable distance to the next program, ranked at 2.0.

According to the CHE survey, ASL is the BEST program in:

  • overall study situation (Studiensituation gesamt)
  • career relevance (Berufsbezug)
  • service (Betreuung)
  • foreign language instruction (Fremdsprachenausbildung)
  • feasibility (Studierbarkeit)
  • course offerings (Lehrangebot)
  • general support (Unterstützung im Studium)
  • integration of scholarship (Wissenschaftsbezug)
  • support for study abroad (Unterstützung Auslandsaufenthalt; tied with FU Berlin)

and the SECOND-BEST program in:

  • library offerings (Bibliotheksausstattung; second to FU-Berlin)
  • IT-infrastructure (IT-Infrastruktur; second to FU-Berlin)
  • rooms (Räume; second to Mannheim, tied with Jena)
  • international orientation (Internationale Ausrichtung; second to Bochum, tied with Heidelberg and Universität des Saarlandes)

ASL thanks all of our students who participated in the survey.