U.S. Presidential Inauguration Multimedia Roundtable

Update: Please see our report page for more information.

American Studies Leipzig is pleased to announce

The ASL 2009 U.S. Presidential Inauguration Multimedia Roundtable 

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bibliothek Albertina Hörsaal


The event will include:

  • Live Viewing of the Inauguration
  • Experts and Students Participating from the United States via Live Video
  • Leipzig Panel of Experts
  • Discussion about the New Era in American Politics with the Swearing-in of President Barack Obama

Panel Guests will include:

  • Professor Paul Rundquist, reporting to us from Washington DC
  • Consul General, Katherine Brucker, United States Consulate Leipzig
  • Professor Ben Alpers, reporting to us from the University of Oklahoma
  • Professor Sue Tretter, Fulbright Professor Leipzig
  • Caterina Rost, ASL student who spent the summer in the USA following the Obama campaign
  • Moderator: Professor Crister Garrett

The event is free and open to the public.

Presentations will be in English. Discussion and questions will take place in English and German.

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It's really sad that a lot of the current ASL students (including me) couldn't take part because the room was to small!

Yes. Absolutely. This is the one regret we have about an otherwise very successful and exciting event. We wish we had been able to accommodate everyone, or at least gauge attendance more precisely ahead of time. When about twice as many people showed up as usually do (for a large ASL event), we ran into problems with the room’s maximum occupancy (both in terms of the fire code and in terms of what the room can carry, literally). When debriefing after the event, we discussed requiring people to sign up for all events in the future… We’d be interested to hear your thoughts on this.

In either case, we do apologize to everybody we had to turn away.

Yeah, we also discussed that if people are required to sign up for events like this, such a "mess" probably wouldn't happen a second time. I think it's an idea you can work on.