Senatorial Races to Watch: Dole vs. Hagan (North Carolina)

In North Carolina, the senatorial race has recently turned very ugly. Republican Senator Elizabeth Dole is fighting it out with Democratic candidate Kay Hagan. According the latest polls, Kay Hagan is leading Elizabeth Dole by an average of 3.2 percent. Consequently, incumbent Dole got anxious. Her fear of loosing her senate seat to the Democratic challenger Hagan culminated in an ad that has been widely criticized in the media (see below, both CNN clips include the Dole ad).

The Money Game: 

Elizabeth Dole (R)*$14,508,730
Kay R. Hagan (D)$6,618,394
Walter Rucker (I)$0
Christopher Cole (L)$0

Source: OpenSecret.Org   

Hagan’s reaction ad: 

In the segment “Cutting Through the Bull,” CNN’s Cambell Brown reacted to the Dole ad.

CNN’s The Situation Room: